COVID-19 Update
At this time, we have made the decision to proceed with our wedding on November 22nd, 2020. However, we will be taking all necessary COVID precautions outlined by Montgomery County. We look forward to celebrating safely with all of you!
Haley Hardt & Jack Dewberry

Haley Hardt


Jack Dewberry

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The Proposal

Jack and Haley met in College Station so it was natural that they would get engaged there as well. On September 20th, Haley was supposed to go out of town on business travel. However, her trip was cancelled due to heavy storms. With this news, Jack put his plan in motion by asking Haley on a date that night. Around 6 pm, Jack took Haley to her favorite restaurant for dinner. After dinner, Jack told Haley he had a second part planned to the date but it was a surprise. Since it was a secret, Jack asked a reluctant Haley to put on a blindfold while they drove to the next location. When they arrived, Jack guided Haley out of the car and down to Barbra Bush Rose Gardens outside of the Bush Library. There, our friends, Brooke and Brody, had set up champagne, rallied our dogs, and wrote a sign that said "Will you marry our dad?". Upon Haley seeing the dogs and sign, Jack got down on one knee and asked Haley if they could spend the rest of their life together. Of course, Haley said YES! Now, they are living with their dogs in Spring, TX and counting down the days till their wedding!
Susan Moyal